Cho Ren Sha 68k for the Atari Falcon030

Here’s the first beta release of Cho Ren Sha 68k for the Atari Falcon030.


  • Atari Falcon030 with 14 MB RAM (alternative: 4 MB RAM and at least 8 MB Fast-RAM. Please try to boot without accessories and auto folder programs and/or a lower desktop video mode if the program hangs on startup).


  • Jaguar Pad/Power Pad.
  • TV/RGB and VGA.


  • DSP assisted sprite engine.
  • Up to 65536 colours.
  • Gameplay recording and replay.
  • Highscore saving.


  • The first beta does not support accelerated machines.
  • Scrolling will be added later.
  • No in game music. :(
  • Should work with an accelerator which guarantees the synchronisation between CPU and DSP (Nemesis, Phantom, Skunk(?), …).
  • Use the arrow keys and the LEFT SHIFT and CONTROL keys if you don’t have a joystick attached.
  • Sample replay seems to have some problems within the menu.

Known issues so far:

  • Please use a “non ST compatible” screen mode before starting the game to avoid a garbled display after exiting the game.
  • Needs an original TOS version (like TOS 4.02) due to the usage of the DSP interface.
  • Be careful with the “in game settings” to prevent a game freeze.

Please note that there’s a special binary for the Hatari emulator (older versions) in case you’re having display problems.

Download it here: Cho Ren Sha 68k for the Atari Falcon030 (Beta 1)

12 thoughts on “Cho Ren Sha 68k for the Atari Falcon030

    • Thanks. The ported game runs on a 16 MHz MC68030 which is the native Atari Falcon030 CPU. The X68000 version runs on a MC68000 clocked at 10 MHz. However, the Atari also has to “emulate” the X68000 graphics and sound (effects) hardware.

  1. Hey there, I can’t get the game to work. It starts off okay giving the specs and ‘press space to start’ and then I just get an image of a map and that’s it.

    I have a stock Falcon with an FPU installed and 14mb of RAM. Booted with CTRL so no apps or autos, using HD DRIVER 10.

    Any advice? ­čÖü Thx!

    • Please note that after the background appears the program will load the game data so you should see at least the HD LED flashing. It takes some seconds to load though and after that the game logo should appear.

      • Still no luck man. IMO it’s either an incompatibility with my HD Driver or the fact that my Falcon hasn’t had the custom clock patch done. I’ve ordered a clock patch mod to try and solve some of my issues. I’ll keep you posted. Let me know if you have any more ideas, thx! Really want to test out your work man, much respect.


      • Update: Fixed

        I transferred it this time zipped up and unzipped it on the Atari. Works like a charm now.
        (There seem to be issues transferring files with uip-tool across ethernec, they were getting corrupted)


  2. I’m just trying this game with my new 14 MB RAM board. I’m very impressed! Great tech demo!
    One question: Why do I have so much overscan on my SC1224 Monitor? I think I cannot see the upper 8 lines and the lower 6 lines or so. I never had this in any game or demo.

    • Thanks. Can you please make a photo of the screen? Cho Ren Sha 68k for the Atari Falcon 030 uses a custom resolution and I only checked the result on my TV set so the configuration of the Videl may need some fixes for monitors.
      However, the original game uses 256 lines while the Atari version displays only the upper 240 of them. You may try to select another “video” mode within the game settings as well.

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