3 thoughts on “Hi to all retro computer fans!

  1. I just bought an Atari ST, and loving it! So, im looking at your serialdisk tool, but, ive read the max baud rate for a ST is ~19200.

    Have you thought about trying a MIDI connection? I haven’t seen anyone try this even though MIDI has been used for transferring audio files for years. It apparently is fixed at 31250 baud. MIDI USB cables are dirt cheap, and anyone with something like a Tascam US122 already has MIDI ports.

    I looked at your Atari client code, and it seems to only need the port numbers changed. The PC server code would require some work.

    Anyway, the question is, have you thought about it, and is it something that is possible and better than rs232?


    • Hi Derek,

      RS232 is indeed slow compared to the MIDI port. I’ve chosen RS232 just because I know that serial cables and USB converters are quite cheap and easy to obtain. I also wanted a solution which works on a wide range of different operating systems.

      However, I just had a quick look on Ebay and the MIDI-USB cables are even cheaper than the RS232 solution with cable + adapter. So I’ll have a look on that for sure.


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