First Beta of Cho Ren Sha 68k for the Atari Falcon030 released!

Here’s the first beta release of Cho Ren Sha 68k for the Atari Falcon030.


  • Atari Falcon030 with 14 MB RAM (alternative: 4 MB RAM and at least 8 MB Fast-RAM. Please try to boot without accessories and auto folder programs and/or a lower desktop video mode if the program hangs on startup).


  • Jaguar Pad/Power Pad.
  • TV/RGB and VGA.


  • DSP assisted sprite engine.
  • Up to 65536 colours.
  • Gameplay recording and replay.
  • Highscore saving.


  • The first beta does not support accelerated machines.
  • Scrolling will be added later.
  • No in game music. :(
  • Should work with an accelerator which guarantees the synchronisation between CPU and DSP (Nemesis, Phantom, Skunk(?), …).
  • Use the arrow keys and the LEFT SHIFT and CONTROL keys if you don’t have a joystick attached.
  • Sample replay seems to have some problems within the menu.

Known issues so far:

  • Please use a “non ST compatible” screen mode before starting the game to avoid a garbled display after exiting the game.
  • Needs an original TOS version (like TOS 4.02) due to the usage of the DSP interface.
  • Be careful with the “in game settings” to prevent a game freeze.

Please note that there’s a special binary for the Hatari emulator (older versions) in case you’re having display problems.

Download it here: Cho Ren Sha 68k for the Atari Falcon030 (Beta 1)

6 thoughts on “First Beta of Cho Ren Sha 68k for the Atari Falcon030 released!

  1. Total ownage!

    By the way, give me a shout if you want some robust save/restore videl code which I used on Downfall and works quite well.

  2. Greetings from a X68000 owner!

    Glad you guys will enjoy this great shooter and maybe many more available on x68000! Maybe some Capcom and Konami releases could be converted also?
    Akumajou Dracula on Falcon with midi support could be nice 🙂

    Now, if you port something back to x68000 from ST world, that would be a huge challenge. I vote for any of those.. Stardust, Captain Blood, Gods, Speedball 2, Deuteros, Defender of The Crown.. 😉

    Anyway, great work Anima, huge skill, and have fun guys!

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